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Cannondale Lefty Fork Service Notice:

If you have a hybrid Lefty fork (2013 or newer, characterized by the lack of a boot at the lower end) the fork leg needs to be completely clean, smooth and free of any damage whatsoever. If any of these conditions exist, the fork needs to go back to the factory for repair. Forks sent to Mendon Cyclesmith with damaged legs unfortunately will be sent back at the owner's expense.


Specializing in Lefty & Headshock Service and Repair.

* For older forks please call ahead for availablity of parts.

Please fill out our fork service form, print and place copy in the box to be shipped If print cant be made please place a note in the box with the following information:

  • Return shipping info.
  • Email address to send repair price, and return tracking number.
  • Issues you are having that require fixing.

* Please do not remove the air and compress the fork to
make it fit in a smaller box.

A minimum of 32" length is a good guide, boxes that are shorter often require that I find a new box, as forks are often longer after servicing. I am not made of cardboard boxes, so this is often difficult to find which delays your shipment getting home

* Package items carefully, so we may reuse materials for return

Service is $75 for labor, seals and oil. Other parts if needed, would be extra, and I cover half of return shipping as well.

RLC conversion to PBR is $280.00, all parts and labor included. Normal turn around time is one week in house. Please use the contact us page or the email address at the top of the screen for all questions.

Shipment Address:

The Mendon Cycle Smith
1943 County Rd. 14
Ionia, NY 14475